Child Care


W&L provides employees access to babysitters, house-sitters, tutors, etc. through To check out their services, go to and register using your W&L email address. You can search for providers in this area, or, if you are traveling out of town and would like to take your children with you, search for providers in the city you are visiting! is recruiting for providers in this area. Encourage your favorite sitter to register as a provider at W&L students should use

Faculty Meeting Child Care

As a benefit to faculty members, the Rockbridge Area YMCA is partnering with W&L to provide child care during University Faculty and Undergraduate Faculty meetings for children ages 12 weeks through 12 years.

Nursing Mothers

W&L supports nursing mothers by providing four lactation stations for employees, students and campus visitors. Refrigeration may be provided to employees, for the safe storage of expressed breast milk during the work day.

Parental Leave

Eligible employees must request parental leave in writing to their supervisor (staff) or department head (faculty) ninety (90) days in advance of the requested leave start date (or as early as possible in the planning phase of an adoption process). The Executive Director of Human Resources approves staff requests and the appropriate Dean approves faculty requests for parental leave. Parental leave is independent of other time off or sick leave benefits and runs concurrently with FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act).