Weight Watchers

Washington and Lee University encourages employees to make healthy lifestyle choices and offers a variety of wellness programs for employees and their spouses and partners. Weight Watchers uses an integrated approach to weight loss that emphasizes good eating choices, healthy habits, a supportive environment, and exercise. The program is built on four basic principles:

  • weight loss should be healthy;
  • the program should fit into your life;
  • the choices you make should be informed; and
  • the Weight Watchers program must be holistic, taking into account your behavior and environment as well as your food and exercise choices.

University Subsidy:

W&L subsidizes 50% of the cost of Weight Watchers online membership for benefit-eligible employees and their spouse/domestic partner. Employees must pay the full cost to Weight Watchers and submit proof of payment through WorkdayThe Business Office will not process reimbursements for receipts that are older than 60 days.

Flex Accounts:

Employees are encouraged to use flexible spending account dollars for their portion of the Weight Watchers cost. To take advantage of this benefit, employees must be enrolled in the FSA and obtain evidence of medical necessity from a health care professional. Reference the list of Common Eligible and Ineligible Health Care Expenses for more information. For a complete list of eligible expenses as defined by the IRS, view IRS publication 502.

Contact Andrea Velasquez velasqueza@wlu.edu with questions.