Salad Bar Discount

We realize that a year can feel like a long time to wait to be rewarded for your participation in Live Well W&L. The Salad Bar Discount is a great way to reap your reward for participating before the end of the year. Once you earn THREE Live Well W&L tokens (red and/or blue), you are eligible for the Salad Bar Sticker which enables you to buy a healthy lunch at the Marketplace Salad Bar for $6.00 once a day every day until June 1, 2024. This price includes one trip to the MARKETPLACE SALAD BAR (eat-in or to-go), soup, and a drink. This discount is offered to benefit-eligible employees only and is non-transferable.

Once you earn THREE  red and/or blue tokens, please complete the Salad Bar Discount Sticker Request Form below in order to receive your sticker.

Salad Bar Discount Sticker Request Form