Retiree Health Plan (RHP) For Retirees Hired After 04/01/2003

The University makes monthly contributions to the TIAA Retirement Health Plan (RHP) on behalf of all full-time employees who have attained age 40 and have completed two years of benefits eligible service. The University contributions, along with any voluntary after tax contribution you make, are invested through TIAA. These funds are directed into the TIAA LifeCycle Funds that closest meets the year of your 65th birthday. To review additional information, please see the Summary Plan Description.

The TIAA RHP provides a tax advantaged way to invest and accumulate assets to pay for your insurance premiums and other health expenses in retirement with investment and administrative services provided by TIAA and Connect Your Care, a third party claims processor. 

An employee will become 100% vested in the University's contributions once they become retirement eligible (59.5 with a minimum of ten consecutive years of full-time, benefits eligible service). Funds in this account will be forfeited for individuals who end employment before qualifying to retire from the University.