Benefits for Retirees

An employee is eligible for full retirement benefits when they have attained the age of 59.5 and have a minimum of ten consecutive years of full-time, benefit-eligible service immediately before retiring. The eligibility for benefits recognizes the retiree's contributions to the University and encourages the individual to maintain their connection to the W&L community. 

  • Recognition at the annual Employee Recognition Banquet
  • Retirement Gift
  • Continued use of employee ID card and parking pass
  • W&L email account access
  • Campus Notice access
  • Various discounts on local services, travel, entertainment and more through the Human Resources perks page

Retiree Use of W&L Facilities

Retirees may continue to enjoy the use of the following W&L facilities:

  • Access to W&L gym facilities for retiree and spouse/partner
  • Access to unlimited fitness classes for a small annual fee
  • Opportunity to attend lectures, movies and other cultural events
  • Tickets to shows at the Lenfest Center, seasonal athletic events and other University programs at the employee rate
  • Full use of Leyburn Library and Law Library
  • Course audit with permission of the faculty member

Educational Grants at Retirement or Disability

If the employee is a qualified retiree, i.e., 59.5 years of age and has 10 years of service at the time of the employee's retirement, the employee's children will remain eligible for the educational grant benefit.

If an employee has worked full-time for six or more consecutive years immediately preceding their separation due to disability, the employee's children will remain eligible for the educational grant benefit provided that the disabled employee continues to meet the disability definition under the University's long term disability program.

Health Insurance

Individuals who meet the retirement eligibility definition above, may continue participating in the group health insurance plan until age 65. The retiree spouse (until age 65), and children (under the age 26), are also eligible to continue on the University's group health insurance plan. The University will continue to make contributions consistent with the level provided in the group health plan. 

At age 65, the University's health insurance plan ends, Medicare begins, and the University's retiree health benefit that is in effect according to their hire date then becomes available.

How to sign up for Medicare

You are responsible for purchasing a supplemental and Part D prescription drug plan of your choice. You may use a local agent, or you may choose and enroll in the plan online. The Maury River Senior Center is also available to help you choose and enroll in supplemental and Part D prescription drug plans.