Step 1. Begin the Hiring Process

Approvals, Job Description and Creating Posting

  • Review the Recruitment Protocol for Non-Faculty Positions
    This protocol provides the objectives, rationale and procedures for hiring of non-faculty staff. It attempts to ensure that the university can attract an effective and representative labor force as expeditiously as possible. These procedures are designed to support a formal review of vacant positions, consistency to hiring procedures, and fairness to applicants. Please also review the template document as you prepare to post your opening.
  • This Job Aid will guide you through creating a Workday Job Requisition to recruit for a Staff or Administrator position.
  • If refilling a current position, review the job description in Workday. Contact Sierra Gray,, Assistant Director of Compensation Programs to make changes to a job description. You should also contact Sierra Gray for full-time and part-time postings to make sure that any necessary position set-up is completed. See page 1 of the Create Job Requisition job aid.
  • Simultaneous to the step above, request approval to fill the position by contacting the appropriate vice president or dean. If you have support to move forward, use Workday to Create Job Requisition for the posting. Benefit-eligible job requisition requests will be routed to the Provost and Treasurer for approval. This is part of the Workday process. Follow the Create Job Requisition steps on pages 1 through 6 of the Job Aid.
  • Contact Anne Remington, Assistant Director of Talent Recruitment,, ext. 8355 to discuss posting and advertising the position, search timeline, and managing candidate expectations. She can also provide training on Workday recruiting.
  • Once your job requisition has been approved, Anne Remington will follow up via email with additional instructions and documentation. All postings remain active on the jobs website for a minimum of five business days.
  • Search committees are not required (but recommended) for non-exempt (hourly) positions. Search committees are normally required for exempt positions. Human Resources representatives are available to serve on the search committee.
  • It is the hiring managers' responsibility to contact Anne Remington weekly during the search to provide an update on the status - otherwise candidates will be referred to you for updates.
  • Follow the instructions on the Recruiting Overview for Hiring Managers Job Aid to move candidates through the recruiting process.

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