Performance Cycle Calendar

PATH Annual Calendar of Activities

Goal Setting is open: July - October


      • Reviews job responsibilities. If job responsibilities are not on the PATH, works with supervisor to create/edit employee job description
      • Drafts goals and adds to PATH
      • Reviews competencies
      • Submits PATH to supervisor for approval of goals


      • Reviews and approves goals by clicking the "submit" button.

Mid-Year Window is open: November - February

Note: Documentation is OPTIONAL at mid-year unless employee has deficient performance from the prior year, in which case, the employee must have a performance improvement plan consisting of specified goals and competencies, documented feedback from supervisor regarding demonstrated improvement or lack of improvement and a mid-year conversation between the supervisor and employee to clarify expectations

Employee Tasks:

      • Completes self-assessment by adding comments related to job responsibilities, goals and competencies
      • Employee may edit or add goals in collaboration with manager
      • Submits to supervisor for review

Supervisor Tasks:

      • Completes comments regarding employee performance related to job responsibilities, goals and competencies
      • Has conversation with employee and approves Mid-Year PATH in Workday

Year-End Window: March - June (required)


      • Completes optional self-ratings for job responsibilities, goals and competencies.
      • Completes optional overall comments for job responsibilities, goals and competencies.
      • Submits to supervisor for review.


      • Completes ratings for job responsibilities, goals and competencies.
      • Completes overall comments for job responsibilities, goals and competencies.
      • Selects overall performance rating.
      • Selects employee development stage
      • Prior to conversation with employee, submits PATH to manager for approval.

 Conversation Window: After Manager Approval

      • Supervisors may begin performance conversations with their employees after receiving notification of approval from their VP or the Provost.


      • Conducts performance conversation with employee and adds any performance information.


      • Has option to add post-review comments to the PATH.


      • Marks PATH complete and enters date of conversation.