Expectations of Employees and Managers

Expectations of Employees:

With regards to the annual PATH process, employees are expected to:

  • Become familiar with Competencies
  • Work with supervisor to develop 1 to 5 goals each year
  • Review and reflect on the essential functions of their role
  • Work with supervisor to identify career paths and training opportunities to develop skills or competencies
  • Think about the key strengths they bring to their role
  • Remain open to considering and learning about where they can grow and develop

Expectations of Managers:

With regards to the annual PATH process, managers are expected to:

  • Provide clear performance expectations
  • Ensure alignment of employee goals with the department's, division's, and University's. (Goal setting is most effective when it is a collaborative process)
  • Focus on the full year of performance to recognize areas where employees are performing well
  • Provide employees with specific, constructive, objective, and respectful feedback about areas where employees can grow and develop
  • Identify and support training and professional development needs
  • Show genuine interest in identifying ways the employee can contribute in meaningful, fulfilling ways