Employee Development Stages

Part of the annual PATH process includes a focus on employee development. To facilitate performance development conversations between the employee and their manager, managers are required to select a current development stage that best describes the employee.

Employee Development Stages:

Consistent Contributor:  Solidly performing to meet job requirements and committed to successfully meeting or exceeding expectations. Encourage opportunities for training and development.

Progressive Learner: Early in position or new duties have been assigned. Provide coaching to meet potential.   

Emerging Star: Exceeds performance standards and has further broad potential. Provide stretch goals and greater challenges.  

Consistent Star: Exemplary performer. Strong candidate for higher level position. Provide opportunities for University-wide exposure.   

Trusted Expert: Seasoned pro. Excellent performer in their area of expertise. Serves as role model. Involve them in training others.

Inconsistent Contributor: Under-performing and not meeting expectations. Hold counseling conversation and implement performance improvement.