Personal, Professional and Team Development Opportunities by Human Resources

Personality Assessments

Handling Conflict (CDP-I assessments)

assessment instrument dealing with conflict behaviors, provides a powerful way to improve self-awareness of what triggers conflict in individuals as well as how they respond to conflict. (1.5 hours. $28.00 per assessment. Individual assessment discussions for 30 minutes available following session.)


assessment that identifies individual strengths, focusing on the positive aspects of a person rather than weaknesses. Greatest opportunities for growth lie in improving areas of strength rather than fixing areas of weakness. (2 hours, approximately $30.00 per participant for book with online access code.)

True Colors

assessment that helps us recognize the differences and similarities so we can solve conflicts, increase respect and bring out the best in everyone. (1 hour, no cost.)


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is one of the world's most popular personality tools for self-awareness, and understanding and valuing individual differences. Participants will take a 20-30 minute assessment 2-3 weeks prior to a 2-3 hour session of learning and individual and group activities. Contact HR for details.

Team Building Exercises

Rainforest Game

allows individuals opportunity to work within and across groups to complete the simulation. Participants build awareness of the importance of cooperation, the challenges inherent in inter-team communications, and the significance of creating and sustaining effective partnerships. (1 hour, up to 25 people per session but can offer multiple sessions to accommodate larger departments, no cost.)

Zombie Apocalypse

a simulation in team decision-making and team synergy. Participants face an impending zombie attack requiring them to work together to make the best possible decisions in order to survive.
(1 hour, unlimited participants, no cost.)

Tall Ships

a highly engaging experiential exercise/learning game where the objective is to focus attention on the "Seven C's", the key factors that define high-performing teams. The game challenges teams to race against the clock (and other teams) to build the tallest ship mast at the lowest cost. (90 minutes, $10 per participant).

New Manager Development

New Leader Integration

In order to meet the many opportunities and demands facing new leaders and members of their team, this new leader integration process allows them to get to know and understand each other quickly. It allows department members to candidly communicate their thoughts, concerns, and ideas to the new leader. And it allows the new leader to respond to their points, address concerns, and share information about their experience and leadership style. This process is offered only for new leaders who are at the Director or Executive Director level. (6 hours [usually 9-3] that span morning and afternoon including one-hour break at noon, no cost.)

Introduction to Managing at W&L

Individuals who are new to managing at W&L or promoted into supervisory positions should contact Human Resources for an invitation to attend a 30-45 minute program for new managers. The program is held once/month. HR is available to present the information in group sessions to departments or division.

Professional Development

Employee Benefits Overview

Can deliver presentations on any benefit including Saving for Retirement, Preparing to Retire, Professional Development assistance, LiveWell, and lesser utilized benefits such as the Employee Assistance Program, Health Advocate, and (30-45 minutes, no cost)


Workday Tips and Tricks for HR related Business Processes - (30 minutes, no cost)