Learning and Development

Employee Learning and Professional Development

Washington and Lee University is committed to continuous learning. We believe that professional development is a shared responsibility and collaboration among the employee, the supervisor and W&L. Remaining current in the field and keeping up with changes and new technology is a normal job responsibility. Needs and priorities change over time, and employees should be prepared to acquire new skills to remain competitive and successful in their current position.

Professional Development Funding

Washington and Lee University's Professional Development Program provides tuition assistance to full-time employees seeking to obtain a college-level degree, attend educational courses not leading to a degree, or obtain a work-related certification or license. Requests may be funded fully or partially for courses that will benefit the employee at their current position, improve job skills, or position the employee for advancement opportunities at the University. University funds should not be used to support course work that is not job-related. Conference registrations are normally funded from departmental budgets and are not eligible for funding through this program.

Washington and Lee University believes that investments in employee training and development contribute to a high level of job satisfaction and improve institutional productivity. The University offers the following programs in support of employee professional development.

Online Resources

To assist with your professional development, we provide the following online resources.

On Campus Workshops

The University offers on-campus classes and seminars throughout the year on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, supervisory skills, communication, retirement planning, computer classes, wellness activities and University policies. Staff are invited to register for these classes, which are advertised as they are developed. For professional development classes held during work hours, please discuss with your supervisor before registering.

  • Enrichment Week is intended to kick off the new year by offering professional and personal development opportunities to all employees. This employee engagement program serves to educate W&L employees about the resources that are available to them, while also creating myriad opportunities to network, reconnect with colleagues, and explore a variety of exciting hobbies and pastimes. We draw on the talent base from within our own workforce (staff and faculty) and bring in outside speakers, local businesses, and community members on topics such as hobbies, mindfulness, talents, art, stress management, fitness, cooking/tastings, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), sustainability, team building, and computer skills.