Information for W&L Employees

Public Safety

Keeping Washington and Lee students, employees and visitors secure and safe is Public Safety's primary concern. To accomplish this requires not just the efforts of members of the Public Safety Department, but the cooperation, understanding and support of every member of our community. Public Safety cannot maintain a safe environment alone; you can help by doing everything you can to assist with safety and security issues.

Work/Life Initiatives

W&L's Work/Life Initiatives provide resources and services that help members of the campus community manage and balance their personal lives and obligations with their professional lives and duties.

Where Do I Turn?

Washington and Lee is committed to creating a safe campus environment where its members treat each other with civility and respect. At the same time, our goal is to provide employees and their families with resources to deal with a wide variety of concerns that might arise and to provide multiple ways that a faculty or staff member can address an issue.

Employee Handbook

All faculty, staff and administration are provided with a current copy of the Employee Handbook upon employment. The handbook is updated annually and the most recent copy is available online. In addition to the Employee Handbook, faculty should refer to the Faculty Handbook for separate information on faculty careers, governance and policies. The Faculty Handbook is located on the Provost's website.

Emergency Management

Washington and Lee University is committed to developing and administrating a comprehensive emergency management program to encompass the University community. The Emergency Management Plan supports W&L's ongoing risk and threat assessment operations, emergency preparedness provisions, and business continuity and recovery plans to provide prompt and effective response for the protection of W&L students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors in an emergency situation. The Plan establishes procedures and an organized structure to guide the University in responding to significant foreseeable emergencies on the W&L campus or property owned or operated by W&L.

Employee Relations and Communications

Maintaining effective communications with employees is a high priority of the University and the Office of Human Resources. We do so through a variety of topical meetings and information sessions, electronic communications and employee committees.

University Grievance Policy for Employees

The Office of Human Resources ("HR") is a resource for all faculty, staff, and administrators (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Employees"), as well as supervisors and department heads on all matters arising in the workplace. HR staff are available for discussion about work-related issues at any time. Employees can request to discuss issues concerning their work environment with their supervisor or department head, HR staff, or their academic Dean or the Provost without the discussion being considered part of these grievance procedures.

Learning and Professional Development

Washington and Lee University is committed to continuous learning. We believe that professional development is a shared responsibility and collaboration among the employee, the supervisor and W&L. Remaining current in the field and keeping up with changes and new technology is a normal job responsibility. Needs and priorities change over time, and employees should be prepared to acquire new skills to remain competitive and successful in their current position.