Career Stage - ICNE3

Plan and Coordinate

Identifies problems that may affect completion of tasks and takes appropriate action that requires only routine reviews by supervisors. Sets an example, by demonstrating care in the use and maintenance of the University resources (e.g., workspace, equipment, tools, etc.). Identifies problems, evaluates alternative courses of action and makes logical decisions to resolve the issue.

Technical Skills

Demonstrates advanced skills and experience through knowledge of own responsibilities and understanding of interdependent University functions and services. Able to resolve complex tasks or problems independently and is comfortable with modifying routine processes to resolve situations. Makes a point to learn from mistakes, failures and successes to improve in future assigned responsibilities. Demonstrates willingness to participate in relevant development programs that build on own knowledge and skills.

Results Focused

Demonstrates the ability and willingness to change plans when an existing approach proves ineffective. Sets high standards and works to exceed prevailing standards in own area of work. Shows willingness to seek out and accept increased responsibilities Creates or modifies procedures to more effectively meet requirements of own job.

Communication and Relations

Makes a point to clarify understanding of requests and requirements to prevent miscommunication. Able to control feelings and emotions from interfering with effective and prompt response to other's needs. Is conscious that people from different ages, genders and cultures do things differently and makes an effort to understand rather than judge.

Teamwork/Team Development

Often contributes to work group's objectives beyond one's own tasks or priorities. Respectful of conflicting points of view and is not resistant or defensive when differing views are expressed. Actively participates in internal and external meetings/group activities to establish productive working relationships.