Career Stage - ICNE2

Plan and Coordinate

Realistically estimates the time required to accomplish tasks and keeps others informed of potential problems/delays. Takes appropriate steps to ensure that the University resources (e.g., workspace, equipment, tools, etc.) are in good working order. Makes an effort to ask questions to identify issues and solve work problems.

Technical Skills

Demonstrates a higher level of knowledge and understanding of a technical or specialty area and is able to apply it in daily work. Able to identify problems as they occur and takes appropriate steps to promptly solve or communicate them to supervisors. Consistently and carefully checks details of tasks and assignments to ensure quality and accuracy before routine reviews by supervisors.

Results Focused

Displays a level of comfort in exploring different work approaches, rather than the routine. Responds to requests in a timely fashion and keeps track of own progress towards goals and deadlines. Takes initiative to independently find solutions or improve approach when issues/problems are repeatedly encountered.

Communication and Relations

Able to clearly and concisely explain University policies and procedures to others. Able to write correspondences and summarize ideas or facts with few or no errors (within role requirements). Skilled at diffusing difficult situations independently and recognizes when issues/requests require special attention (e.g., confidentiality, supervisor review, etc.). Consistently acts on requests and suggestions in a positive and unbiased way.


Willingly shares information, materials and responsibility to contribute to and achieve work objectives. Seeks input of other work group members and encourages their participation and involvement. Makes an effort to help and actively support work group members in their tasks/assignments.