Career Stage - ICE3

Strategic Thinking

Able to implement department strategic objectives into actionable plans and goals. Makes departmental goals and priorities clear to team and explains relevance to each person's job. Collects and assesses information on multiple and relevant factors to develop policies and make critical strategic decisions. Demonstrates a clear understanding of detailed financial factors that drive departmental budget (e.g., position requests, hidden costs, impact on morale) when considering decisions.

Change Adaptability

Understands the effects of change on the work group and proactively clarifies information to help them deal with a changing work environment. Identifies structural process, people changes and solutions to achieve change initiative goals and targets. Encourages new ways of looking at established processes and practices by soliciting ideas and recognizing/rewarding practical innovation.

Communication and Networking

Uses diversified styles of communication (e.g., explains by describing impact or circumstances, etc.) to influence and create buy-in for ideas. Encourages open expression and common understanding of ideas and opinions. Builds networks within and outside own department and leverages these relationships to execute specific plans and initiatives.

Drive for Results

Actively supports the continuous improvement of policies to reduce inefficiencies and better achieve goals. Respectfully holds people accountable for ensuring quality of their work and minimal errors. Strives to achieve challenging goals and works through obstacles.

Self-Development and Motivating Others

Establishes and maintains trust and credibility within and outside of work group by demonstrating fairness and equity in interactions. Encourages different points of view and is respectful when differing views are expressed. Gives credit and recognition to others who have contributed to the achievement of common goals. Seeks learning opportunities to keep abreast of new developments and standards and applies knowledge in own area of expertise.