Roger B. Jeans Elizabeth Lewis Otey Professor of History, Emeritus


Ph.D., George Washington, 1974
B.A., Colby College, 1963


Twentieth-Century China and Japan

Selected Publications

The Letters and Diaries of Colonel John Hart Caughey, 1944 - 1945: with Wedemeyer in World War II China
Roger Jeans, ed., 2018

The CIA and Third Force Movements in China During the Early Cold War: The Great American Dream
Roger B. Jeans, Lexington Books, 2018

The Marshall Mission to China, 1945-1947: The Letters and Diary of Colonel John Hart Caughey
Roger B. Jeans, ed.

Terasaki Hidenari, Pearl Harbor, and Occupied Japan: A Bridge to Reality 
Jeans, 2009