Nicolaas A. Rupke Johnson Professor of History

Nicolaas A. Rupke

Newcomb Hall 203
Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., Princeton University 1972, summa cum laude
  • M.A., Princeton University, 1970
  • B.S., University of Groningen, 1968


History of science and medicine; national science of Great Britain and Germany; science & society; science & religion; history of evolutionary biology; scientific biography


HIST 195 Great Moments in the History of Science
HIST 295 Animal Behavior and Human Morality, 1800-Present
HIST 295 The Scientist as National Hero
HIST 295 Doomsday Science Then and Now
HIST 395 Darwin and His Critics: The History of Evolutionary Biology

Current Research

The non-Darwinian tradition in evolutionary biology. A scientific biography of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach.