Health Professions

Washington and Lee University is vitally concerned with the undergraduate education of students who wish to enter medical, dental, and veterinary schools, as well as other health professions. While the University has an excellent record of placing these prospective candidates into the professional schools, the fact is that not all prospective candidates will be able to secure positions in a professional school of their primary career choice. For this reason, pre-health professional candidates should carefully plan their undergraduate academic program, leaving open the widest possible range of options.

On the following pages, we provide the best advice and information available to help you make choices during your undergraduate career. Competition for acceptance to health professional graduate schools is fierce, so take every opportunity to enhance your chances. Planning should begin in your freshman year with the advice of a faculty member experienced in advising health career students. Discussions with your advisor should include appropriate choice of major, scheduling of courses required for admission, and available summer opportunities.

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