Resources for AI and Higher Ed Instruction

The following resources serve as a starting point for understanding the impact of AI on teaching. This collection is not meant to be exhaustive, but should provide a launchpad for further exploration. Should you need more tailored resources or have a question for the AI Hub, please contact Leslie Wingard Cunningham, Interim Director of the Harte Center.

The Basics

For a general overview of AI — what it is, what it can and cannot do, and how it affects instruction — the following resources provide a good place to begin with plenty of rabbit holes to explore.

AI and Instruction

The following list is a more conversational, focused look at AI in the classroom. Many of these sources assume a basic familiarity with AI. A few provide opportunities for productive, collaborative discussion. These resources address topics such as fears around cheating through the use of AI, how to design writing assignments incorporating AI, and how AI might affect assessment choices.

Educational Policy and AI

These are general guidelines and example policy statements around AI in the classroom, which might be useful as you are designing your syllabus.

AI and Bias

Understanding the relationship between technology and discrimination is a cornerstone to serving students in the 21st century. These resources specifically address issues of bias within the context of AI.

Podcasts and Newsletters

The following podcasts and newsletters provide further insight into AI, both within the context of higher education and more generally.