About Us

Mission, Vision, & Values

The Houston H. Harte Center for Teaching and Learning fosters deliberative, innovative, and inclusive conversations among students, faculty, and staff about meaningful ways to learn and teach in an equitable liberal arts environment, with the goal of developing more engaged citizens prepared to face the challenges of a complex world.

Our goal is to:

  • Ensure all faculty and staff have access to opportunities that develop the knowledge and skills necessary for creating inclusive and productive learning environments.
  • Create numerous, varied opportunities for faculty and staff to engage in continuous discourse about student learning and development through workshops, experimental classrooms, book clubs, practice with instructional technology, consultations, and other year-round programming.
  • Foster a culture of collaboration and idea-sharing among various disciplines and constituency groups that supports meaningful, data-driven innovations in teaching, learning, and student development.
  • Facilitate opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to collaborate as co-learners and co-instructors as a means of capitalizing on the tradition of the liberal arts by deepening learning and a sense of shared agency and impact.
  • Provide a central location, with opportunities that are responsive to a changing world and the mission of the liberal arts, for students to optimize development of skills vital to their success, life-long learning, and their ability to solve complex problems.
  • Provide rigorous and ongoing training for peer tutors and other student educators, focused on supporting the unique needs of individual learners and on engaging the members of a diverse student population so that every student can fully access a comprehensive liberal arts education.