Placement Testing for Classics (Latin)

Welcome to Washington and Lee!  We in the Classics Department hope that your time here will be challenging and enjoyable.  We ask you to take the following short placement test (link below) to help us determine which Latin class will suit you best. Please complete this online test by July 7, 2022.

Do you need to take this test? 

Take this test only if:

(1) you have studied Latin in high school; AND

(2) you plan to study Latin while at Washington and Lee; AND

(3) you have not scored a 5 on the Latin AP test.   

(If you have not studied Latin yet, you are welcome to enroll in Latin 101.) 


Once you click the link below, you will be taken to an online test that will ask you to translate passages and explain a few grammatical forms. This test is for placement purposes only. Do not use a dictionary or study aids and spend no more than one hour on it.

Do the best you can. We have arranged the passages in order of increasing difficulty. Once you have completed and uploaded the test, Classics faculty will review the test and make a recommendation for the Latin level that makes most sense for you to take. The results will be available to you during orientation week.

To access the testing portal, click here.