The Sanako Unit

The Sanako Unit is one of the most extensively used pieces of software in the GDL. Installed at every student station, it allows for audio/video playback and recording, as well as teacher-student and student-teacher interaction. Everyone should be familiar with its basic functions. Click the link below to watch a short tutorial video on the Sanako Unit's basic functions.

Understanding your Sanako Student Player
Adjusting your headset & microphone

The Sanako Unit is also capable of recording students.

Recording and Saving Audio Files

*Log onto the computer with your University-assigned user-name and password.
  1. Record your file using SANAKO Study 1200, which is located on the desktop of your computer.
  2. Push the RED button to record. Make sure the microphone is not muted (there is not a red "/"over the headset). Ensure that the microphone is also not muted by the computer as well. You can do this by double clicking on the speaker icon at the lower right of the toolbar and looking at the "Live In" volume bar.
  3. Save your file. Under File in the Sanako unit, select Save As.
  4. Save the file to your H: Drive as an .mp3 according to your professor's instructions. In naming your file, be sure to include your last name. (To save the audio portion of a video source, save the file to your L: Drive as a .dis format.)
  5. Listen to your recording to verify its quality.
  6. Send it to your Professor or colleague(s) via email.
  7. If you need any assistance, ask the GDL assistant on duty