Internal Awards, Prizes, and Scholarships

The Jim Stump Prize in German honors a devoted alumnus of the Class of 1953. It is awarded annually, at the discretion of the Department of German and Russian, to an undergraduate of exceptional achievement in German.

The James S. Wood Prize in German is awarded annually by the German department to honor an alumnus of the Class of 1965 who was killed in Vietnam.

The Rising Star Award is given to a student at the beginning of his or her academic career who promises to shine in the future as a German major or minor.

The Craig Hinkel Prize was established in 2000 in memory of Otto and Ruth Craig Hinkel. The prize is awarded annually to a student (or students) who has (have) a dual interest in English and German literature; it is awarded in recognition of academic achievement, as determined by the heads of the Departments of English and German.

Buford S. "Steve" Stephenson '42 was a professor of German and other languages, but also of music and literature. Steve Stephenson, "the Rhino" to those who knew him well, was a fixture at his beloved W&L for more than 40 years, even serving for a time as head of the German Department. Every year at Commencement the B. S. Stephenson Scholarship is awarded to a rising junior German major.

Dickens-Youngblood Award is an annually donated gift set up by alumnus Matt Mills to the German Department. It is to be awarded to a German major in either their junior or senior year. The Dickens-Youngblood award is in recognition of two retired members of the German department, David B. Dickens and Robert Youngblood.