Cognate List for German Major and Minor as of June 2019

Department & ClassTitleRequirement
ARTH 101 & 102 Survey of Western Art HA
ARTH 209 History of Western Architecture
ARTH 254 Medieval art in Northern Europe HA
ARTH 255 Northern Renaissance Art HA
ARTH 258 Baroque and Rococo HA
ARTH 262 19th Century European HA
ARTH 263 20th Century European HA
CLAS 201 Classical Mythology
CLAS 204 Augustan Era
EDUC 365 Methods for Foreign Language
ENGL 231 Drama HL
ENGL 240 Arthurian Legend HL
ENGL 252 Shakespeare HL
ENGL 375 Literary Theory HL
FILM 196 Topics in Film and Literature [When topic is suitable] HL
GERM 300+ Any other course at the 300 level
HIST 100, 101, 102 European Civilization HU
HIST 201 Europe, Early Middle Ages HU
HIST 202 Europe, Late Middle Ages HU
HIST 204 Reformation HU
HIST 206 Women and Gender in Modern Europe HU
HIST 213 Germany 1815-1914 HU
HIST 214 Dictatorship and Democracy in Germany 1914-2000 HU
HIST 215 Weimar to Hitler HU
HIST 223 International Relations 1815-1918 Europe and the World HU
HIST 224 International Relations 1919 - 1970 End of European Hegemony HU
HIST 226 European Intellectual History HU
HIST 229 First World War
HIST 312 Seminar: The Third Reich HU
HIST 319 Seminar: The Great War in History and Literature HU
LAW 237 Comparative Constitutional Law
LIT 295/296 if the topic is German HL [One Lit course may be used for major]
MRST 110 if the topic is German HL/HU [Depending on topic.]
MUS 120 Introduction to Music HA
MUS 201 & 202 Music History Survey HA
MUS 231 Classical HA
MUS 232 Romantic HA
PHIL 110 Ancient Philosophy HU
PHIL 120 Modern Philosophy HU
PHIL 135 Topics in 20th Century Philosophy HU [Depending on topic. Get approval]
PHIL 215 Philosophy of History HU
PHIL 221 Plato HU
PHIL 222 Aristotle HU
PHIL 232 Nietzsche HU
PHIL 238 Existentialism, Meaning and Existence HU
PHIL 264 Aesthetics HU
PHIL 298 Freud and Philosophy HU
PHIL 310 Kant HU
PHIL 315 Hegel HU
PHIL 372 Philosophy of Language HU
POL 105 Intro to Global Politics
POL 245 European Politics and Society [x-listed with Soc 245] SS4
POL 296 Topics: if applicable, for example, "International Order and Crisis"
POL 381 Seminar on International Political Economy
REL 101 Hebrew Bible/Old Testament HU
REL 102 New Testament HU
POL 218 Heidegger and Being in the World
POL 262 The Bible, the Enlightenment and its Aftermath HU
POL 275 God and the Holocaust HU
THEA 211 Western Theater History HA
THEA 215 Modern Drama HA
THEA 216 Contemporary Drama HA