Computing in the Geology Department

The Department of Geology has its own computing laboratory exclusively for the use of the department. Workstations running Windows 7 are well endowed with large amounts of RAM, large disks, and most have two large screens connected to each machine to facilitate manipulation of graphical information. Accessory devices include a large-format color plotter, printers, scanners, and digitizing tables. The department has its own dedicated terabyte fileserver. We also have full access to the general computing facilities at Washington and Lee.

Software is extensive in the department. We have GIS and image processing software (ArcInfo/ArcView, GlobalMapper), several geophysical modeling and interpretation packages including generous donations from IHS of their Kingdom Suite for 2-D/3-D seismic interpretation and Midland Valley's donation of their structural modeling packages 2DMove and 3DMove. We have other sophisticated modeling software such as Paradigm's Gocad for 3-D Earth Modeling and Mathwork's Matlab for numerical modeling.