University Vehicle Use Policy Posted: September 2018

Can I use my personal vehicle on university business?

Yes, but your personal insurance is solely responsible for damage to your vehicle and your liability coverage is primary in all cases. University insurance may be excess for liability. When possible, employees are encouraged to drive rental vehicles or fleet vehicles (for departments that have such vehicles). Student employees driving on university business are required to drive a fleet or rental vehicle.

Are there eligibility requirements for employees to drive on university business?

You must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver's license in good standing. Before driving either a fleet or rented vehicle on university business, a driver needs to present his/her driver's license to the Transportation Coordinator in the Public Safety Office (Ben Ansted) to receive driving authorization from the University. Student employees must also complete safety awareness training before driving on university business - - contact Public Safety.

What if I have an accident while driving on university business?

Vehicle damage and/or accidents must be reported immediately to the most appropriate staff member noted below who, in turn, will notify others as needed:

  • Department Head or Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students (if students are involved)
  • Assistant Treasurer (University insurance liaison)
  • Department of Public Safety (for damage/accidents on or near campus)
  • Transportation Coordinator in the Public Safety Office (for rental vehicles only -- there are printed documents referencing what to do in the event of an accident available from the Transportation Coordinator and they should be obtained before an individual rents a vehicle)

More clarification on the above questions and others about vehicle use can be found in the University's vehicle use policy, or you may contact the Office of General Counsel at x8940.