Signing Contracts for W&L

From W&L Office of General Counsel...

What do I do if I need to have a contract reviewed or prepared?

Contact any OGC attorney for assistance in drafting or reviewing a contract. For more information, see the university's Contracts Administration Policy.

Can I sign this agreement (contract / letter agreement / lease / purchase agreement) that's on my desk?

Only a limited number of employees have been delegated the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the university. Consult the Delegation of Contracting Authority, part of the Contracts Administration Policy, for more information.

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W&L Tutorials and Resources:

Contract Templates:

The Office of General Counsel has drafted template contracts for the following areas:

  • Services of an Independent Contractor
  • Speakers, Lecturers, Presenters, Guest Performers, or Bands
  • Rental of University Facilities
  • Domestic and International Travel Agreements

If you would like a copy of any of these template contracts, or if you'd like to request that we develop an additional template contract for something not listed above, please contact the Office of General Counsel (458-8940).