Guidelines for Use and Operation of 15-Passenger Vans

  1. No more than 10 people, including driver, are permitted to ride in a 15-passenger van to or from a W&L sponsored activity. The rear seat on all 15-passenger vans in the W&L fleet will be removed restricting the number of passengers.
  2. 15-passenger van drivers must have at least two years' safe driving experience and no serious violations on their driving record.
  3. All passengers must wear seat belts.
  4. The driver cannot use cellular phones while operating a W&L-owned or contracted vehicle except in case of emergency.
  5. The driver must not exceed the speed limit.
  6. Drivers must pay particular care on rural roads, where guardrails or shoulders are limited.
  7. Drivers must avoid extreme steering maneuvers, because overcorrecting may cause a rollover.
  8. Drivers should see that the vehicle has received routine maintenance, including that for proper tire inflation.
  9. Limit use of roof racks wherever possible.
  10. If the van is not full, ask all passengers to sit forward.

*These guidelines are subject to revision depending upon changes in federal, state or local regulations or insurance coverage issues. W&L is phasing out its use of all 15-passenger vans, so no department may place a purchase order for the same without prior written approval from the Vice President for Finance and Administration / Treasurer.

Revision History

Revised 2009.