Checklist for Traveling Faculty

1. University Protocol for Faculty Traveling Abroad on University Business (NOT involving student groups)

a. Faculty traveling abroad on University business, including professional conferences, should leave the following information with the Center for International Education or with the Administrative Assistant in their department (or relevant Dean’s office for summer travel):

  • Copy of passport information page
  • Dates of travel and itinerary
  • Emergency contact number(s)

b. Faculty traveling abroad on University business, including research and professional conferences, should contact the Office of General Counsel at least three months prior to departure to confirm whether any aspect of their trip (what they plan to take - - especially devices with encryption and GPS technology, where they are going, planned activities and professional collaborations with foreign scholars) will require the university to obtain a license under export control regulations. Note: these regulations are much broader than they sound and failing to check on this can result in confiscation of computers, cell phones, or other penalties - - call before you go!

2. Recommendations for Faculty Traveling Abroad (for any reason)

a. Do you require a visa? The Center for International Education can assist you by researching the requirements for obtaining your particular visa.

b. If you have W&L’s group health insurance, refer to the link or phone number below to contact Anthem before traveling to get a list of in-network physicians and facilities to have handy in case of emergency. or call 1-800-810-BLUE.

c. It is highly recommended that you and accompanying family members have supplemental health insurance that covers emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. Contact Latha Dawson in the Center for International Education for resources.

d. Check the Department of State's website for travel warnings for the country or countries that you are traveling to. Look for general travel advice on the same website.

e. Register with the American Embassy upon arrival or register on line with the Department of State before you leave the country.

f. Leave a copy of your passport information page, along with itinerary and contact details with your department (or Dean’s Office for summer travel) or with the Center for International Education.

g. Make copies of your credit cards and carry one in your baggage. Leave a copy with a non-traveling member of your family or with your department.

h. If you are traveling abroad long-term, check the relevant tax treaty for your destination. and

August 2012