Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage/Defense for University-Related Lawsuits against Employees/Students

Specific questions about insurance coverages and requirements should be directed to Lori Oliver, Assistant Director for Programs and Risk Management (x8740, A few common insurance questions are addressed below.

Will the university defend me if I am sued for my activities as a university employee?

A: As long as you were acting within the course and scope of your employment at and in the best interests of the university and with the agreement of our insurance carrier, the university has the discretion to provide a defense and coverage for you.

Are students covered by the university's liability insurance?

A: Yes, but only in instances where the student is authorized to act in an official university capacity (such as serving on an official university committee or carrying out other approved duties on behalf of the university). Top

Insurance Coverage for Vehicle Use on University Business

Are employees and students covered by the university's vehicle insurance when driving on university business?

A: When you are driving a university-owned vehicle or a rented vehicle on university business, the university's insurance will cover damages above the first $500 (which would be paid by the responsible department/program). The university's insurance does NOT provide coverage to you when you are driving a privately-owned vehicle, even if on university business. For more information and requirements for driving on university business, see the Vehicle Use Guidelines.