Responding to Accidents and Safety Concerns on Campus What You Need to Know

Q: WHAT campus incidents are we talking about?
A: ALL accidents (no matter how minor they may seem at the time), near misses, and other safety concerns on campus.

Q: WHY do I need to know about this?
A: It is important for all employees to know how to report accidents or other safety concerns they may experience, witness or come across on campus. This includes knowing who should be contacted so that an appropriate investigation and report can be made and safety concerns can be addressed. This information could also affect you financially. For example, if you receive a minor cut on the job, but don’t report it and it later becomes seriously infected, worker’s compensation might not cover the medical bills, whereas if the minor cut had been reported, the medical bills related to the infection might be covered by worker’s compensation (depending on the circumstances of the injury). The Bottom Line: It is to your benefit to report any accident, near miss, or other safety concern.

Q: WHOM should I notify of an incident on campus?
A: The primary contact for on the job accidents and all environmental / safety concerns is Paul Burns, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, x8175, (cell) 460-6209, The primary contact for other incidents (e.g. fender-benders, thefts, etc.) is Ethan Kipnes, Director of Public Safety, x8999/8427, (cell) 540-784-5380, For minor on the job accidents, employees should notify their supervisors, who can handle the investigation and reporting in such cases.

Q: WHEN should I notify my supervisor or one of the designated officials?
A: IMMEDIATELY upon experiencing, witnessing, or coming upon any serious accident or safety concern, but not later than 24 hours afterwards. This allows for prompt response and investigation, as well as reporting to the university’s worker’s compensation insurer.

Q: HOW should supervisors respond to accidents or safety concerns they are called upon to handle?
A: Assure safety of all at the scene. Then gather facts and complete necessary investigation reports or contact designated officials to do so, depending on seriousness and complexity of situation.

Q: WHERE can I find the applicable report forms?
A. Incident Investigation Report (used for all accidents and safety concerns)
B. For on the job accidents, a mandatory state law report called Employer’s Accident Report must also be completed and sent to Paul Burns.