Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

The Air Force and Army ROTC Departments at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) has a partnership agreement with Washington and Lee University for students interested in participating in the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). W&L students attend ROTC military science classes at VMI once a week for classroom and lab instruction. Students receive college credit and these courses are free of charge. Those desiring to pursue a commission and who meet all eligibility criteria can enter the United States Air Force or Army as a commissioned officer immediately upon graduation.


Two, three, and four-year ROTC scholarships may be available. Currently, scholarships cover tuition and fees plus a significant stipend. New G.I. Bill benefits are also available to veterans. For more information on Air Force ROTC scholarships, visit the Air Force ROTC website. For more information on Army ROTC scholarships, visit the Army ROTC website.

Contact Information

For additional information on Air Force ROTC, contact Lt Col Michael 'Keystone' Rose at 540-464-7354 or visit the VMI Air Force ROTC website. For additional information on Army ROTC, contact Mr. Thomas Atkinson at 540-464-7680 or visit the VMI Army ROTC website.