Student Employment

Washington and Lee University has a comprehensive campus employment program available to any student who is currently receiving some form of financial assistance. Students that are offered Work Study may request positions in academic, administrative, or athletic offices. Federal work study recipients are eligible to work off-campus with community service organizations.

Work-Study Program

The work-study program consists of two separate work programs: Institutional Work-Study (IWS) and Federal Work-Study (FWS). The goal of work-study is to provide employment opportunities to enrolled students who are receiving some form of financial assistance, whether it be merit or need-based. Through the work-study program, students may earn money to cover educational costs and gain experience relevant to their major or career interests.

Information for Students

Information for Supervisors

2021-2022 Work-Study Payroll Schedule

Department Funded Student Employment

Students who are not eligible for the work-study program may work on campus in a department funded position. The student's earnings are paid with funds from the department for which the student works.

2021-2022 Department Funded Payroll Schedule

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