Student Employment

Washington and Lee University employs over a 1000 students in Work-Study Program and Department Funded positions. Across campus, various positions are available for students to apply, such as academic departments, administrative offices, etc.

Work-Study Program

The Work-Study program consists of two separate work programs: Institutional Work-Study (IWS) and Federal Work-Study (FWS). The goal of Work-Study is to provide employment opportunities to enrolled students who are receiving some form of financial assistance, whether it be merit or need-based. Through the Work-Study program, students may earn money to cover educational costs and gain experience relevant to their major or career interests.

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Work-Study Payroll Information 2022-2023

Department Funded Student Employment

Students who are not eligible for the Work-Study program may work on campus in a department funded position. The student's earnings are paid with funds from the department for which the student works.

Department Funded Payroll Information 2022-2023

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Summer Department Hiring

Students who work during the summer must have a special summer position set up for tax purposes. Department funded Undergrad students can work in their current positions until May 26th. Work-Study Undergrad students can work in their current positions until Graduation Day, May 25th. Law students can work in their department funded or Work-Study position until April 28th.

Students who are not currently working in a position at W&L will have to complete Student Onboarding and I-9 Verification. Once the supervisor hires the student in Workday, the student will be contacted by Meghan Ferguson, Financial Aid Coordinator, to begin employment paperwork. This may take two or more weeks for student workers to complete as all student workers have to provide original forms of identification for work authorization as specified by the Department of Homeland Security. Students don't always have original documents with them and occasionally ask parents to mail them. Students cannot work until all paperwork is complete. You will receive an email from Meghan Ferguson, Financial Aid Coordinator, when they can begin work.

Students must perform their work while residing in the United States. Students cannot work if residing outside of the United States.

Summer Hiring Guidelines