Beyond the Cost of Attendance

This page details the additional benefits that some eligible students have been offered on their W&L award letter. Only students who have been offered these benefits on their initial award letter (or returning students who have been notified by email) are eligible for this additional funding. The programs are listed below and are also detailed on the insert provided to eligible students with their paper award.

Computer Purchase

What are the stipulations of this funding?

  1. A computer is defined as the CPU, monitor(s), mouse, media camera, microphone, and keyboard.
  2. The increase in grant/scholarship funding is limited to $1,200.
  3. This is only valid for computer systems purchased after July 1, 2023 and before the following corresponding date:
    • Class of 2024: December 1, 2023
    • Class of 2025: December 1, 2024
    • Class of 2026: December 1, 2025
    • Class of 2027: December 1, 2026
  4. You must be currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student.
  5. Adjustments are made during the academic year from September 10 to April 1, if purchased during a valid time period.
  6. You may receive this additional computer supplement only once during your enrollment at W&L.

How do I receive the funds?

  1. Contact the Financial Aid Office and provide a receipt for the computer you purchased. If you do not have the funding to purchase the computer, you can provide a copy of the shopping cart with the computer system showing all expected costs.
  2. Your final receipt must include the folling details to be eligible for funding
    • Your name as the recipient. Receipts that do not show your name will not be accepted. 
    • Details for each item purchased.
    • Total cost, including shipping.
    • If your receipt does not incude the above then you funding will not be provided. 
  3. You should not send any request for computer funding or computer receipts to the Business Office. Those documents should all be sent to Financial Aid.
  4. Your university grant/scholarship for that term will be increased to cover the requested amount up to $1200.
  5. Once you arrive on campus you can then submit a request to the Business Office to release any credit balance you may have in your student account. You can use these funds to repay yourself or to purchase the computer.
  6. A final receipt is required if the computer was funded before purchase. Please submit a copy of the receipt to the Financial Aid Office.

W&L Health Insurance

Students are required to have health insurance coverage while enrolled at W&L. If it is necessary for you to purchase the W&L student health insurance policy, you will be provided that coverage at no cost.

  1. You are eligible each year you are enrolled at W&L as a full-time undergraduate student.
  2. If you determine you need health insurance, contact student health and request the W&L student health insurance policy. A charge for this policy will appear on your student account.
  3. You don't need to contact financial aid at this point. The health center will send financial aid a list of student policies and we'll update your award. It is an automatic process once you request the insurance.
  4. Your grant/scholarship will be increased to cover the full cost of the policy in August/September. You will not need to pay the charge before you receive your grant/scholarship increase.

University Shuttle Service

  1. W&L shuttle service provides students with transportation to and from the Dulles, Roanoke, Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia airports at the beginning and end of each term and during scheduled breaks and holidays.
  2. With your benefit you can reserve a spot on a scheduled W&L Shuttle service and use this transportation at no cost.
  3. Contact Public Safety to reserve a spot on a scheduled shuttle. Scheduled service is free to you, but requests outside of scheduled times are not and will not be reimbursed unless you receive prior approval from the financial aid office.
  4. When you use the shuttle service a charge will appear on your student account. If it is for a scheduled shuttle, or pre-approved unscheduled shuttle, then you are eligible for a credit.
  5. If you are eligible then your grant/scholarship will increase to cover the full cost.
  6. Remember, contact Public Safety to reserve a spot on a scheduled shuttle. Additional information can be found here: W&L Shuttle Service.
  7. You must be currently enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student to use the W&L Shuttle benefit.