Proposal Format

Proposal formats vary with the sponsor from informal letters to formally bound presentations including appendices and documentation. Some sponsors provide formats of their own while others may indicate only the information required in broad terms. In the absence of specific criteria, the following items should normally be included:

    • Purpose and scope of the proposed research including references.
  • Professional qualifications of the project personnel.
  • Description of the University environment and available facilities.
  • Any equipment to be furnished by sponsor, purchased with grant funds, and provisions for transfer to the university at the conclusion of the grant.
  • Detailed budget with expenditure categories for each year if it spans more than 12 months.
  • Explanations for budget items* such as:

    • Salary and wage computation methods for the Project Director, any other faculty or professional, lab or clerical assistants, and student assistants
    • Overhead documentation
    • Indirect costs payable to the University
    • Supplies and materials including equipment and postage
    • Travel, board, and meals
    • Payroll taxes and fringe benefits.  
  • Signature page or cover letter signed by CFR

  *Note that budget items above generally will not apply to applications for sabbatical funding.  You may find many of these rates at figures at our University Facts and Rates page.