University Board of Appeals Application 2019-20

The University Board of Appeals (UBA) is composed of students and faculty and is chaired by the Dean of Students. The Executive Committee will appoint one undergraduate junior, two undergraduate seniors, one second-year law student, and two third-year law students to serve on the UBA during the 2019-20 academic year. The UBA hears all appeals from the student conduct process filed by individuals, groups, or the University Official, with the exception of appeals from the Executive Committee of the Student Body and the Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board. The Student Affairs site for the UBA can be found here. Please direct all questions about the UBA or the application process to EC Secretary Kana White

Please answer the following questions in a word document and submit it to Label your attachment with your first and last name and then "UBA" -- ex: Kana_White_UBA. Please combine your application and resume into one file if possible. After submitting your application, please sign up for an interview slot here.

Application Questions:

Class Year:

1. Please attach an updated PDF version of your resume or CV. If sending this as a separate file from your application responses, please label this file with your first and last name and "Resume" -- ex. Kana_White_Resume

2. Please explain why you want to serve on the University Board of Appeals (150 words max).

3. Please discuss your knowledge or experiences that would indicate your ability to deliberate and make decisions, maintain confidentiality, remain impartial, analyze facts, and handle sensitive information. (200 words max).

4. Will you have a non-Lexington externship or be studying abroad during the 2019-20 academic year? (50 words max).

Applications are due November 1st, 2019 at 11:59PM.