2014-15 Committee Appointments

Fall Committee Appointments

Community Engagement and Service Learning Committee
Chris Ahn' 16
Edward Stroud ‘17
Ashley Faulkner ‘18

Glasgow Endowment
Annie Persons ‘15
Cynthia Lam ‘15

Information Technology Advisory Committee
Chris Curfman ‘17
Emily Limmer ‘18

Institutional Review Board for Research with Human Subjects
Ellie Bold ‘15

International Education Committee
EC Nominee: Craig Shapiro ‘15
SAIL Nominee: Alejandro Paniagua ‘17

Registration and Class Schedules Committee
Christian Kennedy ‘15
Jordan LaPointe '17

Student Financial Aid Committee
Kiki Spiezio ‘17
Emory Cox ‘18

Student Health Committee
Alex Garcia ‘15
David Heinen ‘16
Laura Beth Lavette ‘17

University Athletic Committee
KJ Lancaster ‘15
Giles Geddes ‘16
Maggie Waxter ‘17

University Library Committee
Will Chadwick ‘15
Sara Korash-Schiff ‘15
Chris Tran ‘17

University Sustainability Committee
Kerriann Laubach ‘16L
Scott Sugden ‘15
Benie Bolohan ‘18

Upper Division Housing Committee
Bentley Boldt '16
Thomas Johnson '16
Payson Miller '16
Zoe Burge '17
Alex Lee '17
Ben Magod '17
Bailey Brilley '18

White Book Review Committee
Zach Wilkes '15L (Chair)
Charlotte Rhodes '16L
Anna Zauner '17L
Josh Gross '16
Jack Masterson '16
Paqui Toscano '16
Austin Piatt '17
Edward Thompson '17
Caroline Bones '18

Women's and Gender Studies Advisory Committee
Caroline Todd ‘17

Winter and Spring Committee Appointments

Student Faculty Hearing Board
Bethany Belisle ‘16L
Thomas Day ‘15
Jackie Yarbro ‘15
Trey Tickner ‘16

SFHB Alternates
Caroline Crichlow-Ball ‘15
Hannah Gilmore ‘16

University Board of Appeals
Cameron Tommey ‘15L
Lauren Brown '15L
Angela Kerins ‘16L
Alex Retzloff '15
Stewart Cory '15
Joshua Jackson '16

Honor Advocate Leadership
Head: Stephen Pytlik ‘15L
Law Assistant Head: Richard Doelling ‘15L
Undergraduate Assistant Head: Joshua Gross '16

Faculty Executive Committee
Daniel Johnson '17
Stewart Cory '15

Courses and Degrees
McCauley Massie '15
Christian von Hassell '16

University Committee on Inclusiveness and Campus Climate
Brooke Donnelly '17
Ember Eyster '15L
Caroline Birdrow '16
Ijezie Ikwuezunma '16

Voting Regulations Board
PR Chair: Maggie Hammer '16
Logistics Chair: Matthew Inglis '17
Operations Chair: Nicki Simpson '16

Fancy Dress Tri-Chairs
Matt Kiser '16
Katharine Patton '15
Morgan Ballengee '15

Contact Committee
Chair: David Thomas '15
Vice Chair of Finance: Andrew Shipp '16
Vice Chair of Publicity: Margaret McClintock '15
Co-Vice Chairs of Logistics: Al Organ '15 and Jack Anderson '16

Co-Chairs: Emery Ellinger '15 and Brett Bauer '15
Finance Chair: Tucker Thompson '15
Secretary: Wilson West '16
Publicity Chair: Sarah Board '16
Tailgating Co-Chairs: Hugh Gooding '16 and Jack Koch '16
Concert Operations and Administration Co-Chairs: Joe Beninati '16 and Walker Helvey '16