2008-09 Committee Appointments

There is no record of fall appointments for the 2008-09 academic year.

The Executive Committee is charged twice a year with assigning students to various university committees. Below is a list of all of the committees and the students selected to serve on them. If you are interested in serving on a committee, keep careful watch of the campus notices in the fall of 2008 for your next opportunity to apply.


Contact Committee

Chair- Robin Wright
Vice Chair for Publicity- Stephanie Hardimann
Vice Chair for Finance- Hugh Ogburn
Vice Chair for Logistics- Derek Haysom
General Activities Board

3 Co-Presidents- Grant Thomas, Jennifer Jack, Garrett Clark
Secretary- Margaret Ward
Treasurer- Teresa Carlin
Honor Advocate Program

Head Honor Advocate (Law Student)- Kristen Hutchens
Asst Head Honor Advocate (Law Student)- Andrea Dunuwila
Asst Head Honor Advocate (Undergrad)- Hunter Branstetter
Voting Regulations Board

2 Co-Chairs- Selwyn Turner, Kathleen Morphis
The Courses and Degrees Committee

Two student representatives- Ned Burks, Lethia Hammond
The Faculty Executive Committee

One member of the class of '09U- Chris Martin
One member of the class of '10U- Daniel Thornton
One Student EC appointment for a standing subcommittee to consider physical education petitions- Chaz Klaes
Student Faculty Hearing Board

Vice Chair- Alison Gionta
7 student members- Rob Reed, Jen Janes, Andrew Fadale, Patrick Rowe, Tracy Richardon, James Wolff, Lindsey Crawford
University Lectures Committee

One student representative- Jarrett Brotzman