2007-08 Committee Appointments

The Executive Committee is charged twice a year with assigning students to various university committees. Below is a list of all of the committees and the students selected to serve on them.


Environmental Planning and Management Committee

Meng Wang
Information Technology Advisory Committee

James Collins
Nay Lin
Institutional Review Board for Research with Human Subjects

Lauren Fisher
International Education

Michael Ooms
Registration and Class Schedules

Sarah McCarville
Emily Williams
Student Financial Aid

Nay Lin
Michael Ooms
Student Health Committee

Ali Hillyard
Paten Hughes
Sean Hurdiss
University Athletic Committee

Peter Blue
Whitt Larkin
Angela Littlejohn
University Library Committee

Sean Hurdiss
Chengpeng Mou


Contact Committee

Co-Chairs: Neil Sheaffer and Logan Gibson
Vice Chair for Publicity: Robin Wright
Vice Chair for Finance: Andrew Franklin
Vice Chair for Logistics: Shane Wilson
Fancy Dress Committee

2 Co-Chairs: Lily de Grazia and Staci Karpova
General Activities Board

Co-Presidents: Phillip Gardiner and Katie Carmody
Vice President of Operations: Grant Thomas
Vice President of Administration: Quiana McKenzie
Co-Vice Presidents of Publicity: Garrett Clark and Anne Russell Calvert
Treasurer: Will Andrews
Honor Advocate Program

Head Honor Advocate (Law Student): Kristen Hutchens
Asst Head Honor Advocate (Undergrad): Hunter Branstetter
Voting Regulations Board

Co-Chairs: Selwyn Turner and Kathleen Morphis
The Courses and Degrees Committee

Peter Choi and Daniel Thornton
The Faculty Executive Committee

One member of the class of '08U: Bill Larson
One member of the class of '09U: Allison Gionta
One Student EC appointment for a standing subcommittee to consider physical education petitions Scott Somerset
Student Faculty Hearing Board

Vice Chair: Margaret Elkins
4 student members: Sanjay Palakshappa, Charles Persons, Rob Reed, Allison Gionta
3 student alternates: Chris Lauderman, Joe Delk, James Wolff, Marty Kang
University Lectures Committee

One student representative: Grant Russell