Hearing Advisor Leadership Application Hearing Advisor Leadership Application

The Hearing Advisor Program seeks new leadership every spring. If you are interested in leading the Hearing Advisor program, which handles cases heard by the Executive Committee, the Student Judicial Council, the Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board, and the University Board of Appeals, please apply to be either the Head Hearing Advisor or the Assistant Head Hearing Advisor.

Due Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 at 11:59 PM. Please send your application in PDF form along with your resume in PDF form to ec@wlu.edu. The EC will contact you for an interview if they select your application. 



Class Year:


Previous HA Experience (in semesters):

1. Why would you like to serve as Head Hearing Advisor or Assistant Head Hearing Advisor? Please indicate which position you would prefer. If you would accept both positions, please also make note of that in your application (200 words max).

2. What is the mission of the HA program? What are the qualities of an effective HA? (200 words max)

3. As Head Hearing Advisor or Assistant Head Hearing Advisor, what training would you implement to ensure new Hearing Advisors are prepared for all facets of their role? (200 words max)

4. Describe the most difficult situation you have experienced in your role as a Hearing Advisor and how you approached it. If you have not been a Hearing Advisor describe a difficult leadership experience. (300 words max)

5. If you are a law student, please describe your experience in working and collaborating with the Undergraduate Campus; if you are an undergraduate student, please describe your experience in working and collaborating with the Law School. (100 words max)

6. Have you ever been in a position that required you to stand up to an authority figure? If so, how did you approach the situation? (200 words max)

7. What do you think is the most important aspect in assisting an accused student in an EC, SJC, or HSMB matter? (200 words max)

9. What are the most important responsibilities when conducting an investigation and how can you ensure the HA program is fulfilling them? (200 words max)

8. Will you have a non-Lexington externship or be studying abroad during the 2020-21 academic year? (50 words max)