Hearing Advisor Application Become a Hearing Advisor

The Hearing Advisor Program seeks new additions to its corps every fall term. If you are interested at all in helping students through what can be a turbulant time and getting involved in student governance work, you should consider applying.

2019-2020 Hearing Advisor Application

Due Friday, Septmeber 20th at 9:00pm EST.

Class Year (include undergrad or law school):
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:

Application Requirements:

1. Please attach an updated resume in PDF format to your application.

2. Explain why you want to serve as a Hearing Advisor (400 words maximum).

3. Propose one change to the Honor System. Argue your point. Think creatively and analytically; there are no right or wrong answers. We want to see the architecture of your thought processes, writing, and analysis skills (400 word maximum).

Please send your complete application, consolidated in one document, to both Layne Smith (smithlk20@mail.wlu.edu) AND Rob Lahourcade (lahourcader21@mail.wlu.edu). Students will be selected for interviews to follow.

If you are selected for an interview, Hearing Advisor leadership will respond with a link to a digital sign-up sheet for interview slot times. Interviews will take place on Sunday, September 22nd. Final decisions will be made by Wednesday, September 25th. If you have any scheduling concerns or miscellaneous questions, please contact Layne Smith and Rob Lahourcade via email.