Student Body Recognition Application

The Student Body Recognition (SBR) application is available below.

Organizations seeking recognition should fill out and submit the following application to before attending a Business Meeting to be approved. Interview time and dates will be determined once the application is received.

When writing your Constitution, feel free to reference Constitutions submitted by other organizations. Keep in mind that certain element may be different depending on what type of an organization you are.

If you are an organization that isn't applying for funding, then you do not have to list a Business Office Contact. Organizations recognized in this way will be listed on the Executive Committee website and be included in other EC publications.

Please contact EC Vice President Diwesh Kumar with any questions.


Primary Contact(s): [up to 2]
Business Office Contact (treasurer or equivalent officer):

Please write a brief description of your organization:

Please answer the following questions:
i. Have you gauged interest for this organization? If so, how many people are interested? If not, how do you plan to promote your organization, if recognized?
ii. Have you considered collaboration with other groups on or off campus (student orgs, departments, community organizations, etc)? If so, how?
iii. What makes your organization unique from work of other campus organizations, departments, or community organizations?

If your organization has a website, Facebook, Twitter page or other resource available to the public, include it here: 

Please attach an updated Constitution with your application as a pdf. At the least this should include:

i. History of Organization (if known);
ii. Mission statement, including the purpose/focus of the organization;
iii. Requirements for Membership;
iv. Organization of Leadership/Officers (not including specific names);

1. These must describe the duties associated with each position as well as the election process

v. Benefit to Washington and Lee University and/or the Surrounding Community.