2018 Spring Budget and Recognition Application

The typed application for the Executive Committee's spring term budget allocations can be found below. The projected budget application was attached to the email regarding budget allocations sent out on Saturday, April 7th. A completed application consists of the typed application in 12 point Times New Roman font as well as the projected budget application in the form of a filled out excel sheet.  Applications missing either portion will not be considered. Please send completed applications to ec@mail.wlu.edu. Please direct all questions to Executive Committee Vice President-elect Grace Smith at smithk20@mail.wlu.edu. This application is due Friday, April 27th at 11:59PM.

Interviews will take place on the evenings of Tuesday, May 8th and Wednesday, May 9 in the Executive Committee Office, Early Fielding 121/122. Students studying abroad will be able to conduct an interview through Skype or a phone call. Student can apply for interviews by signing up here. However, per approval of the new budget policy, organizations requesting less than $350 will NOT be required to come in to interview.

Note: Student organizations applying for recognition must be recognized by the April 23rd business meeting in order to apply for funding.

Application for Budget Allocations
Organizational Information:

Reminder: Per Article IX. ii, the EC shall not fund the following: transportation (except mileage expenses for driving to and from organization's events,) uniforms, lodging, alcoholic beverages, politically partisan organizations and religious organizations, honor societies, or greek organizations.

President/Chair:               Phone:                 Email:
Treasurer:                         Phone:                 Email:

Active Membership(#):

1. If you are a returning organization, please briefly discuss how your organization managed its funding during the 2016-17 academic year (150 words max).

2. If you are a new organization, please include a short paragraph about your organization and its mission including how your organization is or will be beneficial to the W&L community (150 words max).

These next questions are for all student organizations to answer and are required for your application to be read:

3. Please indicate if you have a source(s) of revenue apart from the EC, by stating yes or no.

a. If so, please briefly explain what or who these source(s) are (50 words max)?

b. If not, please briefly explain why your organization generates no revenue (50 words max)?

4. Please indicate if your organization has collaborated with any groups on or off campus (student orgs, departments, community organizations, etc), by stating yes or no.

a. If so, please briefly summarize these collaborations (75 words max).

b. If not, please briefly summarize why you haven't done any collaborations (75 words max)?

5. Please indicate if you do any outreach to organizations in the larger community (Lexington or Rockbridge), by stating yes or no.

a. If you engage with organizations, which do you engage with? In what ways are you engaging with these organizations (i.e. service, fundraising, etc)? (75 words max)

6. Please include a short description of your organization for the Student Organization Handbook (80 words max).

Total Projected Expenses________
- Total Projected Revenues _________
= Total Budget Request ___________

By submitting this application, I certify that the above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I have read and understand the EC's General Budgeting Policies. [Your name]