Because of the interdisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies, our faculty offices and classes are located throughout the campus. We are attached to the Williams School of Commerce, which is housed in Huntley Hall. The Department Head can be found in Holekamp Hall.

Computer network access is available on campus through wired and wireless connections, facilitating cooperative work between faculty and students. Instructional technology is available in every classroom. Computing labs open to all students can be found throughout the campus and a student lab for environmental study students is located in 213 Holekamp Hall.

The US-Brazil exchange program encourages international cooperation between Washington and Lee, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Petrobras, Universidade Federal do Amazonas, and Petrobras Center for Environmental Excellence in Amazonia (PIATAM). The US-Brazil Program promotes student-centered cooperation between the two countries to increase cross-national education, training opportunities, and joint research in a wide range of academic and professional disciplines through a six month exchange program.

Place based learning is an important component of environmental studies, and the Chesapeake Bay watershed provides an excellent natural laboratory. The Chesapeake Bay Program emphasizes how upstream activities affect downstream ecosystems and socio-economic systems, including the coastal zone.