Annual Student Awards

Earle Bates Award for Academic Achievement
This award recognizes a senior major for outstanding achievement in classes at W&L (as evidenced by GPA) and for their performance in the capstone course.  Note that the outcome of the capstone project is given greater weight than GPA when selecting the recipient.

Earle Bates Award for Environmental Citizenship
The award for Environmental Citizenship recognizes a senior major or minor who has demonstrated outstanding environmental citizenship through participation in co-curricular activities and contributions to campus and community sustainability.

Al Knight Conservation Award
This award is presented to an ENV major or minor in recognition of significant accomplishment in the area of applied environmental conservation while enrolled at W&L.  Preference is given to students working in river conservation or the American West.  Students must be nominated by an ENV affiliate or core faculty member and there is no requirement for the award to be given annually.

Recent Recipients:

  • Katherine Ingram (2020) - Academic Achievement Award
  • Kaitlyn Fitzsimmons and Ginny Johnson (2020) - Environmental Citizenship Award

Past Recipients:

  • Katherine Cheng (2019) - Academic Achievement Award
  • Juliana Keeling (2019) - Environmental Citizenship Award
  • Liz Todd (2019) - Al Knight Conservation Award
  • Shlomo Honig (2018) Academic Achievement Award
  • Teresa Horan (2018) Environmental Citizenship Award
  • Harry Lustig and Alison Peacock (2017) Academic Achievement Award
  • Kahtryn Pettit (2017) Environmental Citizenship Award
  • Nina Preston (2016) Academic Achievement Award
  • Hannah Gilmore (2016) Environmental Citizenship Award
  • Matthew Hedberg and Carl Retzloff (2015) Academic Achievement Award
  • Carolyn Northrop (2015) Environmental Citizenship Award
  • Oliver Miltenberger (2014) Academic Achievement Award
  • Haley Smith (2014) Environmental Citizenship Award
  • Sasha S. Doss (2013) Academic Achievement Award
  • Kerriann E. Laubach (2013) Environmental Citizenship Award
  • Elizabeth J. George (2012)
  • Mackenzie C. Doss (2012)
  • John T. Jacobs (2012)
  • Thomas Jenkins (2011)
  • Anna Stuart Burnett (2010)
  • Mckenzie Brown and Elissa Hanson (2009)
  • Bonnie Fay and Katelyn Huffman (2008)
  • John Bovay (2007)