Jackson Monroe '21

My role this summer as a part of the Knight Internship was the intern for Friends of Harriman State Park. Friends is a nonprofit organization that works through donations form the community to better Harriman State Park in ways voted on the community. Completed projects include an ADA approved hiking trail and fishing area, a John Muir history trail, new park maps, and a jack fence that surrounds the large majority of the property. FHSP is still a pretty new organization, but the community supporting it is large and welcoming. My time at the park was spent working on different things to garner donations for the current project: restoring the historic cattle bridge. This bridge has a very unique structure that helps everything from people to cows cross the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River on the state park’s property. This area is also known world wide for its fly fishing. While I worked for FHSP, I created all their handouts, newsletters, and ran their social media. This meant that I took pictures of the park, wrote articles, captions, and blurbs for the different platforms, and designed and edited every document that I produced. The experience enhanced my writing and editing skills as well as let me use my adventurous side to go on different hikes around the park. I worked in the visitor center of the park during the week, and, on the weekends, I traveled into Yellowstone National Park or some other cool area close by for some hiking. I loved every minute of my time in Idaho, and if you are someone who loves adventures, writing, and being outdoors, being the intern for Friends of Harriman State Park is the perfect way to spend your summer.