Chase Douglas '14

I road tripped over four days to Idaho from Raleigh, NC. I arrived June 10. I stayed in a rented house in Ashton, Idaho working with Spencer Duran as well as three other girls from Stanford, Colgate, and St. Lawrence. The five of us interned for the Henry's Fork Foundation (HFF). HFF is a non-profit full of amazing and talented people truly passionate about trout conservation. Working for Henry's Fork Foundation was a blast because everyone was enthusiastic and we got to work outside every day doing electrofishing, which is doing fish counts of small streams by stunning fish with electricity and then catching them and recording data about those fish. In my free time I mountain biked avidly as well as floated, fly fished, and backpacked. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who loves the outdoors. I returned home August 10th, but I wish I could have stayed longer.