Friends of Harriman State Park

Trail Resource Assessment Internship 

Friends of Harriman State Park (FHSP) is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting projects that directly benefit the Harriman State Park of Idaho. Harriman State Park is one of the crown jewels of the Idaho State Park system and lies within a 16,000-acre wildlife refuge in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife, Harriman State Park offers miles of hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing trails that weave through meadows, meander along riverbanks, lakes and through lush evergreen forests. Some of the finest fly-fishing waters in the nation flow through eight miles of Harriman State Park, known by anglers all over the world over as "The Ranch." Harriman State Park is habitat for Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem wildlife including moose, elk, grizzly and black bears, wolves, and sandhill cranes. Harriman State Park is a critical nesting area for threatened trumpeter swans which are a common sight in the lakes, rivers, and riparian areas of the Park.

The Work You May do:
• Implement multi-use trail research and develop planning documents that will assist Friends of Harriman State Park in formulating concepts and thought leadership related to non-motorized trail design, maintenance, and stewardship of current and future-state trail system in conjunction with FHSP "Trails Initiative."
• Map and assess usage and trail condition of designated trails at Harriman State Park.
• Map and assess usage and trail condition of non-designated (user made) trails at Harriman State Park.
• Use GIS or other mapping software to illustrate trails both designated and non-designated trails and trail conditions and develop associated printed documentation.
• Research "Best Practices" and make recommendations for the management and stewardship of Harriman's multi-use trail system.
• Collect and organize data in the field and in the office.
• Assist and interface with FHSP officers/board of directors, Park staff, and public as needed.
• Engage with and/observe public trails activities and events as needed.
• Formulate and present final report with findings and recommendations for Friends of Harriman State Park Board of Directors in support of its Trails Initiative program.

Duties could also include generating a newsletter for FHSP; writing blogs and newspaper articles which may involve interviewing project leaders and community members. The intern will work to keep the Island Park and Fremont county communities aware of FHSP happenings throughout the summer; may create marketing materials such as postcards, brochures and displays; manage contact lists and website; and reach out through social media via photos and posts. In addition, the intern will represent FHSP at community events throughout the summer, including Harriman State Park’s “Heritage Days.”  Intern must have good work ethic and be able to work independently with guidance from their supervisor. 

Intern will need own transportation to and from residence. This is a thrilling opportunity with prospects of gaining valuable experience in the non-profit and state government systems.