2015 Capstone Projects

Sarah Gray Erickson '15 - "Climate Change Beliefs in the Washington and Lee Community"

Marissa Gubler '15 - "Examining the Differential between the Private and Social cost of Direct Mail: An Analysis of the Environmental and Economic Impacts of Advertising Mail"

Matthew Hedberg '15 - "Meeting the Needs of North Carolina: Renewable Energy"

Danielle Hurley '15 - "The Impact of Feral and Owned, Free-range Cats on Virginia's Bird Population"

Caroline Northrop '15 - "Students' Environmental and Sustainability Priorities at Washington and Lee University"

Carl Retzloff '15 - "Forever Wild? The Future of the Adirondack Park's Public and Private Land Balance"

Taylor Rowe '15 - "Implications of Hydroelectric Dams and External Stresses on Large Amazonian Catfish Species"

Megan Shearer '15 - "Habitat Restoration and Aquaculture of the Chesapeake Bay Native Oyster"