2014 Capstone Projects

Diana Amorim Rezende '14 - "Applying  Ethical Values to Land Management"

Daniel Boccio '14 - "How do we govern to prevent overfishing?
A Polycentric Approach to Fishery Management in the Brazilian Amazon"

Elizabeth Cloos '14 - "The 2008 "Pit Rule" and Spill Frequency in New Mexico
Can regulations limit environmental harm?"

Elizabeth Crenshaw '14 - "Primary School Environmental Education in France
Place-based Education as a Structure for Strategic Implementation"

Katie D'Innocenzo '14 - "Influence of Emotions on Tourists' Willingness to Pay for Whale Shark Conservation in Belize"

Chase Douglas '14 - "Renewing Raleigh's Energy: Modelling Political and Institutional Changes Needed to Enable Widespread Photovoltaic Adoption In Raleigh, North Carolina"

Will Fulwider '14 - "Technology Transfer of Chinese Hybrid Rice as a Suitable Means of African Agricultural Development"

Avery Gant '14 - "An Analysis of the Effects of Nanosilver Particles on Aquatic Ecosystems"

Connor Hollenbeck '14 - "Modeling Smallmouth Bass Migration Using 87Sr/86Sr Isoscape"  

Julian Kindrish '14 - "A Feasibility Study of On-Farm Anaerobic Digesters in Rockbridge County"

Oliver Miltenberger '14 - "Trophy Hunting Male Lions in Balule Nature Reserve as a Viable Tool for Conservation" 

Haley Smith '14 - "Farm-to-School in Rockbridge County Elementary Schools"

Sarah Strunk '14 - "Hydraulic Fracturing: Worth the Water Guzzle? A Look into the Media's Coverage of "Fracking Caused" Water Shortages in Texas"

Shawn Swaney '14 - "Evaluating Trends and Impacts of Inland Finfish Aquaculture in Virginia"

Clara Weston '14 - "The Future of South Carolina's Electricity: Is Nuclear the Best Option?"

Nick Zanetis '14 - "The Relationship Between Housing Price and Distance to the Nearest Fracking Well: A Hedonic Approach"